Monday, December 21, 2009

Our Visit With Santa

Ruthie had her first visit with Santa today.  We thought we'd try for a Ruthie-only picture but, by the photo, you can see how that went.  She started crying and getting upset when it was just her, so we decided I'd sit with Santa, too.  That calmed her down and then Tate joined us. She kept looking past me and to Santa and giving him very skeptical and questioning looks.  Once the picture was taken (a bit of a feat unto itself because of the aforementioned fixation with watching Santa), we packed her back into her stroller... where she started crying again.  Usually that's a happy place for her, but it was as if she remembered what happened moment earlier and needed to let us know that she continued not being happy about it.  Needless to say, we hastened to the car and to home where her crib awaited her.  Our normally happy and easygoing girl was definitely not a big fan of the experience, but you wouldn't necessarily know it by the photo.  It's a memory, though, and I'm glad to have done it (though Ruthie might beg to differ with me).

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fitness Takes No Holidays - Week of December 14

What great news!  Thus far, StrollerFit moms have raised enough money - simply by their presence at class! - to buy more than two goats through World Vision!  I am SO very glad and thankful that you all have joined me and participated thus far.  I was thinking tonight how very thankful and humbled I am to have such a loyal and faithful group of moms who spend their mornings at StrollerFit and restore the core with me.  How wonderful that is for me!  Thank you all!

Now, onto the standings (which I know Jaimie and Katie - competitive like I am - want to know).  The top five moms who have the most points are the following:

  • Donna - 12
  • Jaimie - 17
  • Katie - 19
  • Emily - 14
If your name isn't listed, don't fret!  There are almost two whole weeks left and lots of spontaneous points to be awarded.  Sometimes, I award points during class for various activities so, simply by being in class you can earn a point... and then some!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fitness Takes No Holidays - Week 3

We only have three more weeks in our competition.  It's a pretty stiff competition amongst the StrollerFit moms so far!  Our leaders are Donna (10 points) and Katie H. (13 points) but a few others are very close behind!  Remember that there are some easy ways to earn extra points if you follow this blog and check my facebook updates.  

Quick fact for your week and to give you a boost at StrollerFit: Did you know that increasing your cardiovascular workout time can help REDUCE your appetite? Studies have shown this, but if it doesn’t happen to have that effect on you, at least you are burning more calories during those longer workouts. Also, working at a moderate level (aerobic) burns more fat, by percentage. Adding just 10 extra minutes can mean another 100 calories or more are gone.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Week 3

Want extra points this week, moms, in our Fitness Takes No Holidays promo?  We're having a colorful week this week at class!

Monday: Wear red and dress your child in something red, and you'll get an extra point.
Tuesday: Wear something orange or yellow and dress your child in orange or yellow and get an extra point.
Wednesday (possible make-up class): wear something plaid (do you have plaid workout gear?)
Thursday: Wear something green or red for Christmas and dress your child in green or red and get an extra point
Friday: Wear something blue or purple and dress your child in blue or purple and get an extra point.

PLEASE REMEMBER: Call me in the morning before class to verify the class location.  This is VERY important now that Renegade is closed.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Location, Location, Location

We have been so fortunate in the last four years of having mommymuscle classes that we've had a great indoor facility, Renegade Sports Center.  It's a wonderful place: indoor basketball courts, soccer fields, aerobics room, skate park, fitness center, childcare, and a great staff.  We've taken full advantage of Renegade's facility and have really enjoyed the luxury of having a primo indoor spot for classes.  I learned yesterday evening that Renegade will be closing, at least temporarily, due to financial difficulties.  I am so saddened for many reasons: for Laird and Nanette, the owners; for those who work there; for the kids and leagues that use the facility; and for StrollerFit/restore the core classes losing our location.  However, I am also heartened to see how God has already begun to remind me of His sovereignty, His being in control.  How thankful I am to know that He will provide for us... and already has begun to do just that.

I'll be posting updates on Facebook about class locations because the weather is beginning to be chilly in the mornings.  For those of you planning to come to StrollerFit during the week, please be sure that you call me to verify class location.

I'm looking forward to continuing my adventure with mommymuscle classes with each of you.  Remember: we're still in the middle of a heated competition for our Fitness Takes No Holidays promotion.  Extra points and giveaways happen when you're at class!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Fitness Takes No Holidays - Week 2

H1N1, regular flu, cold season, tamiflu, kleenex... ugh.  Just thinking about these illnesses and products makes me feel achy all over.  But, what's an easy thing to combat those illnesses?  EXERCISE!

Did you know that cardiovascular conditioning makes your immune cells function better every day due to increased oxygen uptake? StrollerFit and restore the core moms do this every class as they work HARD in class. Way to go, mamas!

Through week two, Katie H is leading the pack in our competition and we're now over halfway to buying a goat for children in need through World Vision.  Yea!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fitness Takes No Holidays

Places to go and people to see!
   We ALL have excuses for not fitting exercise into our holiday routine. NO MORE!
This year make time for yourself and enter the New Year feeling and looking great!
Need more motivation?  Help someone in need!  Come to class and help give goats to needy people around the world.  Just your attendance will raise funds! 

Week of November 23 - Each mom who attends will, simply by their presence, contribute $3 per class to World Vision!  StrollerFit of Panama City is donating the money, so come and help raise funds.. and get a great workout!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Christmas Photos and Free Prints

Our good friend, Michael Newman, recently took Christmas pictures for us and, if I do say so myself, they're GREAT!  He captured some great images of Ruthie.  His site is here; just scroll down a bit to see a few of our pictures.  We were also able to time it well in that he has some great Christmas specials and, in terms of timing on the day of the photos, we all held it together well... including the two adults in the family.  Michael still has a little time left in his Christmas photo special, so if you're in need of a wonderfully kind and professional photographer, he's your man.

I also had some great news from a friend who has the same penchant for freebies and deals that I do.  Check out the link for Freebies 4 Mom about getting 50 free 4 X 8 photo cards with free shipping.  The offer expires on 11/21 (this week... hurry!).  Also from the Freebies 4 Mom site: "If you are new to SeeHere you can also get 100 FREE PRINTS by FujiFilm when you sign-up for a new account using the coupon code prints (but you need to order those 100 free prints separately from the 50 free photo cards)."

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Niftie Giftie

I have a few blogs and sites that I follow.  A few weeks ago, the gal at Thrifty Mama posted a deal about getting samples of homeopathic children's medicines free for those who have blogs.  "Well, I have a blog!  I'm all about freebies!" I wanted a chance to try something homeopathic for cold and flu season.  Somehow I didn't put together that the medicines are really meant for kids over three or, if you want to give them to younger kids, you need to check with your doctor.  Well, the box arrived today and, wow!  I'm impressed!  They're full -sized products, not just sample sizes.  I received one package of their Chestal Children’s Oscillococcinum, Children’s Coldcalm Pellets, and Children’s Chestal.  Thankfully we haven't run into a need for cold/flu meds yet for the baby, but I'm thrilled to have something to try with her if our pediatrician ok's them.

If you're interested in a coupon for these products, go here to get a $1 off coupon.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

diaper obsessions

A small diaper on a larger tush
Before Ruthie was born, I'd done a little reading into cloth diapering.  I thought that it sounded like something I might want to attempt.  I liked the idea of being a little more environmentally friendly.  I liked not having quite as much trash leave our house.  I liked the idea of not spending so much money on disposable diapers.  I had no idea how... shall I say "obsessed" for the condition I have now?  I'll just say that I really like cloth diapering our little one's tush.  I do indeed like it for all the reasons stated above, but can I just brag on how cute her little cloth diapered bottom is?  The diapers themselves are so very easy to use.  I think that most people think of pins, folding, and agony when thinking about cloth diapers.  That's simply not the case for us.  They are quick to put on, quick to get off and easy to launder.  And, though I'm not a fashionista by any means - low maintenance is the name of my game - it's quite fun to match her diapers to her outfits!  I'm sure I'll have more to post on this later but I actually have a load of fluffy (cloth diapers) laundry to do now.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Messy, good-for-her, fun!

Nowdays at our house, the most commonly used kitchen apparatus is the mini food processor. This little contraption has lain dormant for most of our married life because I found that it tended to puree things rather than simply chop them. Why does that fact matter now? Enter baby. Partly because of my love for cooking, partly because of my desire to be thrifty, and partly because of my desire to know exactly what our family is injesting, I make the little one's food. The mini chopper is used a LOT in our household now and the little guy is a trooper. It now handles everything that the baby eats: dried apricots, sweet potatoes, broccoli, green beans, roasted bell peppers, lentil stew, everything.

We've experimented with quite a few veggies and fruits and, with her seven month birthday coming up, will be experimenting with meats now more often. She's eaten everything she's had and not refused anything yet, but she's certainly more amenable to some foods than others. (Like her dad, she's not wild about broccoli but, unlike her dad, she will at least eat it. Thankfully, it's about the only thing he won't eat.) What fun!

I have several resources I've been consulting for ideas on what to make her. The first is a book called First Meals by Annabel Karmel. It is a very helpful book with recipes divided into age groups. I'm currently working my way through the puree section for the baby's age group. The second helpful resource has been a website called I'm just discovering this one, but it has pictures, step by step instructions and a peppy and "you can do it!" style. I'm sure I'll discover more helpful ideas along the way, but these are on my go-to list.

I have a crisper full of broccoli and cauliflower, sweet potatoes in the cabinet, and a bag of apples on the counter that all need to be tended to today if possible. Here I come, mini chopper!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

coupons and freebies... i'm hooked!

I've started collecting coupons lately and following a few blogs online. I don't know what spurred this new burst of furvor, but I'm hooked. In a recent trip to Publix, I saved about $25 just from couponing and checking the Publix circular! Yippee! There are so many sites online with deals posted and lots with printable coupons. My favorite right now is The Thrifty Mama. She has deals, coupons, and a great forum with lots of people following and providing savings tips and deals. Just like facebook, I could spend (or waste) a LOT of time on this site and with this venture!

.Search & Win
I've also discovered a new way to earn points to redeem online and it's SUPER easy: SwagBucks. LOVE IT! It's a search engine that seems to be just as reliable and easy to use as Google... but you get rewarded for searching. There's all kinds of extras that you can do (download and use the toolbar, shop online in tons of stores going through their site, referring friends, etc.) but even if you don't do any of that, you can get points simply by searching using the swagbucks site. Interested? Follow this referral link to join or just see more about it

Sunday, May 24, 2009

One (plus baby) is the loneliest number

The strange thing about motherhood, and something I wan't prepared for, is how lonely the job can feel at times. There's so much time when it's just the two of us at the house, doing errands, keeping each other company. I'm often - but thankfully not always - the one who ends up holding her, comforting her, shhhh-ing her in church, feeding her. My ears seem to always be especially tuned to her noises and the need to tend to her needs.

Thankfully, there are times during the week where I know that I'm part of a larger group, a sorority of sorts. We go to StrollerFit and restore the core, and those are the times of the week where I do feel more "normal." It makes me feel like I'm not alone in my frustrations or tiredness or joy. I get to smile, laugh, and be active with an amazing group of women and kids who inspire me.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Miracle Swaddling Blanket - Love it!

Our little one is a HUGE fan of swaddling and, consequently, so are we. The baby sleeps so much more soundly and for much longer when her limbs are still and cozy. I've heard lots of moms say, "We really wanted to swaddle our baby but they always escaped so we just gave up on swaddling." I happened to comment one day that the baby had escaped from her swaddle again and my sister in law steered me toward a product she loves and I've found that I now love it, too. It's the Miracle Blanket and it's a different kind of swaddling blanket that we're now big fans of at our house. The Miracle Blanket is a wonderful little thing AND they also have great customer service... spectacular, in fact.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Baby News

Our winter has been busy since the new addition to our family has arrived. Our little girl was born on February 13 and it's been a whirlwind since! I've been learning to juggle the responsibilities and fun of motherhood as well as the responsibilities and fun of StrollerFit and restore the core. StrollerFit has been even more fun now that there's a little baby in my own stroller. She spends most of the class sleeping but I occasionally get glimpses of just how much fun it will be to sing and interact with her in class.
I'm so fortunate to have the kind of job I do where I can take the baby with me, get a fabulous workout, be around wonderful friends and their kids, and feel happy about being able to help other moms. What a fortunate gal I am!