Monday, November 30, 2009

Fitness Takes No Holidays - Week 2

H1N1, regular flu, cold season, tamiflu, kleenex... ugh.  Just thinking about these illnesses and products makes me feel achy all over.  But, what's an easy thing to combat those illnesses?  EXERCISE!

Did you know that cardiovascular conditioning makes your immune cells function better every day due to increased oxygen uptake? StrollerFit and restore the core moms do this every class as they work HARD in class. Way to go, mamas!

Through week two, Katie H is leading the pack in our competition and we're now over halfway to buying a goat for children in need through World Vision.  Yea!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fitness Takes No Holidays

Places to go and people to see!
   We ALL have excuses for not fitting exercise into our holiday routine. NO MORE!
This year make time for yourself and enter the New Year feeling and looking great!
Need more motivation?  Help someone in need!  Come to class and help give goats to needy people around the world.  Just your attendance will raise funds! 

Week of November 23 - Each mom who attends will, simply by their presence, contribute $3 per class to World Vision!  StrollerFit of Panama City is donating the money, so come and help raise funds.. and get a great workout!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Christmas Photos and Free Prints

Our good friend, Michael Newman, recently took Christmas pictures for us and, if I do say so myself, they're GREAT!  He captured some great images of Ruthie.  His site is here; just scroll down a bit to see a few of our pictures.  We were also able to time it well in that he has some great Christmas specials and, in terms of timing on the day of the photos, we all held it together well... including the two adults in the family.  Michael still has a little time left in his Christmas photo special, so if you're in need of a wonderfully kind and professional photographer, he's your man.

I also had some great news from a friend who has the same penchant for freebies and deals that I do.  Check out the link for Freebies 4 Mom about getting 50 free 4 X 8 photo cards with free shipping.  The offer expires on 11/21 (this week... hurry!).  Also from the Freebies 4 Mom site: "If you are new to SeeHere you can also get 100 FREE PRINTS by FujiFilm when you sign-up for a new account using the coupon code prints (but you need to order those 100 free prints separately from the 50 free photo cards)."