Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Location, Location, Location

We have been so fortunate in the last four years of having mommymuscle classes that we've had a great indoor facility, Renegade Sports Center.  It's a wonderful place: indoor basketball courts, soccer fields, aerobics room, skate park, fitness center, childcare, and a great staff.  We've taken full advantage of Renegade's facility and have really enjoyed the luxury of having a primo indoor spot for classes.  I learned yesterday evening that Renegade will be closing, at least temporarily, due to financial difficulties.  I am so saddened for many reasons: for Laird and Nanette, the owners; for those who work there; for the kids and leagues that use the facility; and for StrollerFit/restore the core classes losing our location.  However, I am also heartened to see how God has already begun to remind me of His sovereignty, His being in control.  How thankful I am to know that He will provide for us... and already has begun to do just that.

I'll be posting updates on Facebook about class locations because the weather is beginning to be chilly in the mornings.  For those of you planning to come to StrollerFit during the week, please be sure that you call me to verify class location.

I'm looking forward to continuing my adventure with mommymuscle classes with each of you.  Remember: we're still in the middle of a heated competition for our Fitness Takes No Holidays promotion.  Extra points and giveaways happen when you're at class!