Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fitness Takes No Holidays - Week of December 14

What great news!  Thus far, StrollerFit moms have raised enough money - simply by their presence at class! - to buy more than two goats through World Vision!  I am SO very glad and thankful that you all have joined me and participated thus far.  I was thinking tonight how very thankful and humbled I am to have such a loyal and faithful group of moms who spend their mornings at StrollerFit and restore the core with me.  How wonderful that is for me!  Thank you all!

Now, onto the standings (which I know Jaimie and Katie - competitive like I am - want to know).  The top five moms who have the most points are the following:

  • Donna - 12
  • Jaimie - 17
  • Katie - 19
  • Emily - 14
If your name isn't listed, don't fret!  There are almost two whole weeks left and lots of spontaneous points to be awarded.  Sometimes, I award points during class for various activities so, simply by being in class you can earn a point... and then some!