Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fitness Takes No Holidays - Week 3

We only have three more weeks in our competition.  It's a pretty stiff competition amongst the StrollerFit moms so far!  Our leaders are Donna (10 points) and Katie H. (13 points) but a few others are very close behind!  Remember that there are some easy ways to earn extra points if you follow this blog and check my facebook updates.  

Quick fact for your week and to give you a boost at StrollerFit: Did you know that increasing your cardiovascular workout time can help REDUCE your appetite? Studies have shown this, but if it doesn’t happen to have that effect on you, at least you are burning more calories during those longer workouts. Also, working at a moderate level (aerobic) burns more fat, by percentage. Adding just 10 extra minutes can mean another 100 calories or more are gone.