Sunday, September 6, 2009

coupons and freebies... i'm hooked!

I've started collecting coupons lately and following a few blogs online. I don't know what spurred this new burst of furvor, but I'm hooked. In a recent trip to Publix, I saved about $25 just from couponing and checking the Publix circular! Yippee! There are so many sites online with deals posted and lots with printable coupons. My favorite right now is The Thrifty Mama. She has deals, coupons, and a great forum with lots of people following and providing savings tips and deals. Just like facebook, I could spend (or waste) a LOT of time on this site and with this venture!

.Search & Win
I've also discovered a new way to earn points to redeem online and it's SUPER easy: SwagBucks. LOVE IT! It's a search engine that seems to be just as reliable and easy to use as Google... but you get rewarded for searching. There's all kinds of extras that you can do (download and use the toolbar, shop online in tons of stores going through their site, referring friends, etc.) but even if you don't do any of that, you can get points simply by searching using the swagbucks site. Interested? Follow this referral link to join or just see more about it