Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Baby Impulse Buy

My husband and I made what I think is the strangest impulse buy of our lives last weekend. While browsing and baby stores in town, which in and of itself is a strange experience for us now, we stopped in at Target. (Does anyone else seem to live at Target?) We moseyed down the carseat aisle so I could just show him the brand of carseat that I thought I'd like to get. I was perusing the various brands, he was going through sticker shock (the first of many times that will happen, I'm sure!) when we discovered that there was a clearance section even in the carseat aisle. Now, I love clearance and sale things especially at Target. The sight of those little reddish-orange stickers on labels and boxes makes my heart go pitter-patter. Not only were there big ticket items on clearance but there was the exact carseat brand that I thought I wanted... for HALF OFF! Upon further perusal, there was also an infant carrier for the same brand for half off as well. We looked at each other and thought that it was too good to be true. We marched up to the customer service desk (I think "guest relations" if you want to use official Target-speak) and asked, "Is it possible to return even large items like carseats if they're on clearance?" The gal replied that indeed it is as long as it comes back with a receipt. Deciding to jump on that deal, we scooted back to the aisle and loaded our cart with the two strangest items we've ever bought on impulse: a Britax carseat and Britax infant carrier. Now with those in the garage, this whole baby venture seems a little more real.

As an addendum: don't worry, we did come home and immediately check the safety ratings for both of our impulse buy items and they got top ratings. Whew!