Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Energy Boost

Yesterday before StrollerFit class, one of our regular moms came ready for class but was definitely looking a little worn out. It was a few minutes before class starts at 9:00 but it was obvious that she was feeling a little out of sorts. My normally chipper and bright-eyed friend was moving through our warm-up with very little vim and vigor though she usually chats and laughs with the other moms and kids in our StrollerFit group. As we progressed through our workout, I noticed that she began to look more and more like herself: smiling, working hard, laughing, having fun. Before we got settled in for our core work at the end of class, I checked with her and asked if she was doing ok and her response was, "Oh yea. I'm feeling much better now. I definitely have more energy." Isn't that funny that putting out some energy exercising can pay big dividends by supplying you with more energy than you started with? I love that! As if we needed another reason to get moving, an energy boost is another positive outcome from exercise. And what a great thing for busy and sometimes-tired moms!