Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fitness Challenge Week 1 - Almost Finished!

What a great bunch of moms! We started this week off with a big challenge Monday morning: getting data for our six-week fitness and nutrition challenge. The group each completed the following:

  • a mile for time, walking, running, or a combination of the two

  • push ups to failure (on knees or on toes)

  • a timed wall sit with perfect form

  • a timed plank (on knees or on toes)

  • jump rope (three tries for as many jumps in a row)

They were phenomenal! I was so happy and pleased. In addition to these benchmarks, we also took measurements (I think that some were more afraid of the measurements than of running a mile). In three weeks, we will retest everything except the mile.

In addition to these physical challenges, there's also a nutrition component to this six-week journey. Each week, we're challenged to give up or add something to our diet. This week, we're each trying to make sure we're consuming five fruits and veggies per day. It's been fun to hear the feedback about how each person is trying to be sure they're getting the required amount. Should we be getting a commission from Publix if their produce sales increases this week? I think so! :)