Wednesday, June 18, 2008


The moms I know are an inspirational bunch. They have mommymuscle in spades! They're strong women who work hard in StrollerFit/Restore the Core classes so that they can be strong, confident role models to their kids. They passionately love their families and friends. I get to see all these traits in action during StrollerFit classes.

I have to say that we work hard in StrollerFit. The name makes some people think that we must simply stroll around chatting, drinking lattes together, and just generally socializing. While there is some socializing that goes on, the moms in our group are a hard working group. They come to class - some after nights of little or no sleep, some with a cranky toddler, some after having dealt with potty training all morning - but they come to class regularly, faithfully, and cheerfully ready to GO! How fortunate am I that I get to be around them and soak up their mommymuscle-ness! :)

I am inspired by these moms and I hope to help and encourage them as well. I am so proud to know them.